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Years of experience in painting jobs for the home or offices

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Are you looking for qualified painters?

At OZ Painting Services we offer you a complete painting service, both residential and commercial, and regardless of the size of the project.

We have a team of professional painters for all types of work, we not only offer painting services done with the technique and finish you are looking for, but also: plastering, pressure cleaning of walls, wall smoothing and much more.

All you have to do is call us and ask us for an estimate to start working.

What we offer

newly painted office interior
Painting Service

We are experts in paint finishes for homes and offices. We can advise you on the perfect color you are looking for, with paint mixes, we work with special paints for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, garages, or any space you need. We use brushes and spray guns to ensure a perfect job.

work ladder in front of a remodeled wall
Attention to detail

We ensure there are no paint stains anywhere in the house, that the details on windows and doors are perfect, and that the job is completed in a reasonable time to avoid inconveniencing our clients. Our priority is to deliver high-quality work quickly without compromising the finish.

worker applying caulking on a wall

We use that compound (known as caulking in English) to seal gaps in buildings and other structures, protecting them against water, air, dust, insects, or as a fire protection component. This type of sealing prevents water leaks and wall deterioration.

worker pressure cleaning house exterior
Pressure Cleaning

It is a very effective way to clean your walls, especially the exterior dirt accumulated in buildings. It is a procedure that can help you give your home or business a facelift without having to repaint.

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Servicio de pintura residencial y comercial.

Cities we serve

At OZ Painting Services, we strive to cover the largest possible territory

Miami-Dade y Broward County
Fort Lauderdale
Coral Gables

What makes us different

We provide excellent service to our clients, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We started the business in 2010, almost 13 years ago. This has given us credibility with clients, who have been recommending us to friends and family. We can show you samples of our work so you know what we are capable of.
100% Guaranteed Work
We guarantee that our work is quality and that we keep our word. If you are not satisfied, we can re-touch anything you are not completely happy with.
We use the best materials and paints
We believe in giving our clients the same kind of quality that we apply in our homes: the best kind of paint and materials so that the work is excellent and guaranteed.
We have a team of people trained and available to serve our clients when they require our services, regardless of the time of year.

We also work on weekends

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